National Museum of Ravenna

Exhibition: ‘The Craft of the Arts’ combines traditional creativity with the minor arts

The exhibition “The craft of the arts: Seduction and beauty in the contemporary world”, combines expressions of "traditional" artistic creativity, such as paintings and sculptures, with the so-called minor arts, such as coins, miniature sculpture, jewellery and silverware. 

The exhibition offers a selection of contemporary artists who, ignoring the border between major arts and minor arts, have given their works a universal value for style and technical knowledge.

More than 100 works are on display, including paintings, wooden sculptures, vases, jewellery, tapestries, bronzes and ceramics by Igor Mitoraj, Mimmo Paladino, Paolo Staccioli, Cordelia von den Steinen and many other great names.

Crown Fine Art managed the coordination and communication between all the teams involved, including: curators, architects, lenders, artists, insurance brokers and museum staff. We maintained regular contact between the lenders and the organising body, promptly updating the latter on changes in the list of works, as well as other changes that have occurred during the course of the project.

We also intelligently organised the logistics of all transport and prepared the most appropriate type of packaging, taking into account the peculiarities of the individual works. Finally, we managed the installation of all the works in collaboration with the architect and the staff of the museum.

During the preparation, the main difficulties encountered involved, in particular, the positioning of the following works:

• The “Black out” tapestry by Angela De Nozza. Despite repeated assurances on this point, the tapestry was larger than previously communicated, and therefore the housing panel was not of adequate size. The set-up team then promptly proposed its own solution: an additional strip was prepared at a greater distance from the ground, to correctly position the work.

• The sculpture "Woman in the wind" by Giuliano Vangi required handling by means of a lift, given the considerable weight of the work.

• The sculptures "Le Chat" in terracotta and "Cavallo" in bronze by Ivan Theimer were provided with bases but had inadequate stability. In order to guarantee the safe positioning of the works and to protect the safety of the visitors, our specialised technicians applied safety breaks on site.

The solution proposed by Crown Fine Art succeeded brilliantly in meeting the expectations of the organising body. All the services were carried out with punctuality and efficiency, dealing with every unexpected event and managing every situation professionally.

Crown have strengthened their relationship with the National Museum of Ravenna and its director, Dr. Emanuela Fiori. Thanks to the excellent service provided and the positive feedback received, Crown has laid the foundations for future collaborations on new and exciting projects.


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