Probably familiar to every hospital Administrator when it comes to information - there’s too little space to keep everything, and too few people with too little time to go searching through all those files. It quickly becomes apparent that help is needed.


While files were not lost, at this hospital, it was becoming increasingly likely, within the confines of their facilities for errors to occur. Time was being wasted and confidence in the system was at an all-time low.

The solution


Crown’s proposal was to identify those items that were less frequently accessed, and to remove them from site, giving space for medical records staff to work more efficiently.

We also provided a team to work on site auditing files, identifying those that could be transferred off site, tracking and moving files onsite – reorganising the hospital stores to provide easier access for new items.

Files were placed into cartons ready for transferring, and a full inventory of all items in each box was created and given to the customer.

The retrieval service operates on a standard next day basis for individual files. In addition, an express and emergency service is also offered for instant access to documentation.

A formal destruction review program ensures documentation is stored for the statutory retention period. This is carefully monitored by Crown and the client to make sure that the ‘paper mountain’ is kept under control.

We also provided teams to weed through and remove files to create more space in an ever-increasing volume of files.

In the course of the project, Crown has made it possible for the client to resolve its problems with storage space. We have assisted in formalising a retention policy. Most significantly, the hospital’s employees now have an up-to-date file store that allows them room to work. 

Improved efficiencies and better working conditions have combined to improve staff morale and create a happier working environment.

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