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The expanding footprint of Crown Fine Art is a particular strength, and means we don’t need to appeal to third parties abroad for providing our services. Similarly, here in Russia, we have a customs broker license, so we don’t need to use a third party for customs clearing, which makes our process more streamlined.

When Crown acquired JNP in 2012, I became Business Development Manager in the St.Petersburg office, working with clients throughout the city and managing projects with museums and galleries around the world.

Looking after our St Petersburg clients is a role with a big responsibility. Our work is highly varied, often involving coordinating multiple loans and handling every kind of art work or decorative objects. It may seem obvious to take extra care in planning, in packing and transporting but the challenges of working in this city demand it.

One of the less obvious of those is in handling larger artworks. Believe it or not, the tallest crates we can accommodate at St.Petersburg airport are 1.55m – a considerable restriction. On the other hand, not so bad when you consider that most of the museums and galleries are located in the city centre in older buildings with narrow, long, curving staircases, adding to the difficulties of installation.

It is highly rewarding to complete jobs to the satisfaction of my clients which we always measure by their return to us with new challenges.

Aside from the large objects, we handle many more delicate objects. Recently we arranged delivery of an art work by the young Leningrad artist Dasha Fursey from St.Petersburg to the Saatchi Gallery, London. The work, called The Boundary Post of a Cat of Bajuna, is an installation consisting of six glass jars with preserved fruits and vegetables. The fragility of the work was a concern, but its liquid contents proved more so. To clear customs we had to make professional examinations and provide detailed documentation to confirm that the liquid in the jars was non-hazardous! 

See the work at the Saatchi Gallery.

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