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I studied art history with the University of Amsterdam and love art. Being able to work for a fine art logistics company is a great opportunity.

As a business it's very personal, in that you build up relationships with a lot of customers and work closely with them on projects. I think it's important to work that way as there's always a great deal of trust implicit in every job.

I have been with the company for more than twelve years - through two changes of ownership. When I started, it was Gerlach Art Packers and Shippers, then merged with  John Nurminen Prima, and finally with Crown Fine Art. It's always an opportunity when the company merges as you always learn so much more when you meet new colleagues with other experiences in the business.

It's a busines with a lot at stake every time, but despite the pressure to get every detail right, when you visit an opening reception, it's still a proud moment. I always feel proud that we have been part of making it happen. 



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