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Many people know Crown Fine Art for its museum work, but we also have an significant private and commercial business.

For the last six years I have worked here in Amsterdam with responsibility for our commercial gallery clients, for auction houses and private clients.

Prior to joining Crown Fine Art I was with Gerlach (a Crown acquisition) and before that worked in freight handling for companies based at Schiphol.

I am the main contact for our commercial and private customers, taking care of everything for transporting a wide range of fine art and antiques.

It is a competitive market where cost is often a factor for many clients, but I believe the quality of the service matters more. That’s something we aim to maintain throughout our network.

The safety of the art works is of course the most important thing for owners, but it’s essential also to be precise in timings and arranging the details of every shipment.
Accuracy on our part helps to ensure that all our projects run smoothly as well as safely.

A great example of the need for care and precision is in the travelling exhibition Facing China. This project brings together contemporary Chinese artists and shows their work around the world. Since 2008 the exhibition has visited all the Scandinavian countries, the Netherlands and Germany, and is set to go to the USA this year. Crown Fine Art takes care of all the planning for packing, storage, transportation and installation, accompanying the exhibits on their continuing tour.

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