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I joined Crown Fine Art in 2010, having worked for many years in event management, and now I am responsible for coordinating artworks for exhibitions.

It’s a great feeling to walk into an exhibition that I’ve been a part of organising. There are so many things to arrange and so much potential for delays, but when it all comes together it’s so satisfying.

As operations manager for Crown Fine Art in Italy my role involves close customer contact and overseeing all the steps required to assess, pack, collect and transport artworks to the destination.

International exhibitions are naturally complicated events, as artworks may come from many countries with quite different procedures for clearing customs. As an international company, Crown has a lot of experience which we share throughout the business to ensure the smooth movement of works between borders.

Our size and experience as a business gives our clients a lot of confidence. But I think our professionalism in managing such complex operations, often involving details that many clients are less familiar with, is why they trust us.

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