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Tommy joined Crown Fine Art in 2005 to expand the division. After two years, he began directing its activities in Hong Kong and Macau – one of the most dynamic fine art markets in the world. 

Tommy has supervised Crown’s presence at major art fairs including Art Basel Hong Kong, Art Central and Fine Art Asia. 

Over the last eight years, Tommy has led the team to successfully partner with art galleries, auction houses and museums in Hong Kong and Macau by developing the exhibition services and supporting regular fine art logistics. A particular highlight was installing over 1,100 artworks in the Ritz Carlton Hotel Hong Kong. 

The Crown Fine Art team in in Hong Kong and Macau ensures that unique art pieces belonging to private art collectors are handled by Crown’s skilled experts with special care. From oil on canvases, antiques and contemporary art, the team provide total confidence in the safety and security of art in transit.



Fine Art Case Studies: 

PICO International

Crown Fine Art, Hong Kong was privileged to coordinate an exhibition for the Beijing Military Museum of the Chinese People's Revolution to celebrate the 60th Anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China.

This exhibition was the first art exhibition held in Hong Kong organized by the Chinese PLA since the founding of the PRC.

In four days, the 216 artworks which included sculptures, calligraphy, oil paintings, engravings, water color and traditional Chinese ink paintings, were carefully packed into 97 wooden crates.

A week later, three 40-foot containers of artwork arrived in Macau and were installed by Crown Fine Art’s team at the famous Macau Tower.

At the conclusion of the Macau exhibition, the works of art were carefully repacked for transportation and exhibition in Hong Kong.

The Beijing Military Museum held high expectations for the protection of historic pieces and the installation required coordinated, efficient and enthusiastic teamwork because of limited time.

Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong

The Crown Fine Art team needed a head for heights to install artworks in the world’s tallest hotel, the Ritz-Carlton in Hong Kong.

The hotel is at the top of the International Commerce Center (ICC Tower), a skyscraper of almost 500 meters, or 1,640 feet, and 118 floors. The hotel dominates the city skyline and quickly became a prominent landmark. The hotel occupies floors from 102 to 118, providing breathtaking views of Victoria Harbour and the entire Hong Kong city area in 360 degrees, offering an elegant mixture of luxury commercial, residential and retail space.

Crown Fine Art Hong Kong took care of the installation of more than 1,100 artworks, which were shipped from all over the world, then installed in the lobby, restaurants, ballrooms, and in 350 suites in the hotel. The work took more than 50 days to complete.

The World of Tim Burton Exhibition

Late last year, “The World of Tim Burton” selected Crown Fine Art as the logistics provider for its exhibition in Hong Kong, which ran from November 5, 2016 to January 23, 2017.The multimedia exhibition toured international cities, including Melbourne, Los Angeles, Seoul, Shanghai and Tokyo. It showcased over 500 creative artworks and artistic productions, from Burton’s childhood to the present day, from sketches to paintings to puppets.

Our Fine Art technicians successfully packed, shipped and installed sculptures, paintings, prints and multi-media exhibits from the United States, Germany and United Kingdom. The team was also engaged to provide on-site curating assistance during the exhibition. Jenny He, Independent Curator of The World of Tim Burton commented: “Thank you, the entire team at Crown, for your utmost professionalism and dedication to The World of Tim Burton.”

Upon completion of the exhibition, the items were packed, crated and palletized for their return to London to continue the exhibition journey.

“We are very proud to have played a key part in such an exciting and whimsical exhibition.” said Tommy Chan, Director, Crown Fine Art Hong Kong and Macau. “We love a challenge, with only three days to unpack and create 52 crates, for some 500 artworks, this project proved to be just that”.”

Watch the video here: The making of The World of Tim Burton, Hong Kong.


Tung Wah Museum

As part of the redevelopment project of Tung Wah Museum, our team in Hong Kong packed and stored their collection of plaques and couplets, some 100 years old. While the museum is closed for maintenance, we’ll store their invaluable relics in our secure site.

To commemorate the Tung Wah Hospital for its establishments and contributions to society, they were presented with all of the plaques and couplets, one of which, the “Hui Zhou Hai Wai” is 145 years old. Maneuvering these large items made from solid wood was challenging for our technicians because of their size, weight and fragility. The Museum is a two-storey building, which meant the team needed to build platforms and used a hoisting truck to remove the plaques from the ceiling. Some of the plaques were 200kg and over five meters long and moved through a window. The team completed the packing and storing in five working days.  

Situated in the Kwong Wah Hospital, the Tung Wah Museum, established in 1911, was declared a monument by the Hong Kong Government in 2010 for its high historical value. The building was converted into a museum to collect, preserve and display the archives and relics of the Group.

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