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Art Central, London

Fine Art Central London

Art Central is our first fine art warehouse designed as a gallery extension for our clients. Located in the art world hub of Central London, Art Central provides our state-of-the-art storage facilities alongside rooms for private clients, viewing galleries, client work areas and meeting rooms, and dedicated spaces for photography. Art Central provides exceptional art storage facilities, expert technicians, and the opportunity to view your collection in a purpose-built contemporary interior.

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SmART/Tech is an intelligent Bluetooth innovation that enhances art collections both while on display and in transit

SmART/Tech’s innovative tools and solutions integrate seamlessly, and have already added value through a multitude of applications in transport to secure installation, preservation, invigilation, marketing and interaction, elevating and simplifying the processes throughout.

Our specialist team has in-depth knowledge of transporting and protecting our clients’ objects. We have taken what we know and blended it with the latest technology to create an all-round richer viewing experience, which is smarter, more secure and has conservation at the forefront of its development.

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