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SmART/Tech Bluetooth Lighting uses Bluetooth technology to calculate how much light the artwork can be exposed to on a day to day basis, extending the display time and preserving your artwork for longer.

Furthermore, using advanced Bluetooth technology, you can improve efficiencies throughout the gallery with intelligent motion sensor lighting, lowering and reducing lighting according to the customer movement. This allows you to save on energy consumption overtime.

Our luminaires offer market-leading CRI, multiple colour temperature options within the same light unit, and have an extensive range of photometry.

Whilst temperature and humidity data is not used to trigger lighting effects, the information can easily be imported into your Building Management Systems. Ensuring real time adjustments to Heating Ventilation, Air Conditioning Humidity and Temperature controls, without the need for additional sensor equipment.

Our technology also continuously measures the power usage of each node. This information can be collated for review / evaluation / action or again passed into your Building Management System (BMS). If deploying our sensors to control your lighting, you can use this senor to pass information to your BMS, avoiding the need to purchase a separate unit for temperature and humidity monitoring – reducing costs, materials, production and energy usage.

It’s not just the technology that we are excited about. We also provide the industries only 10 year warranty on lumen and colour.

Why choose us?

SmART/Tech Bluetooth Lighting provides a range of services designed to help you, including:

  • Continuous live energy readings and light levels controlled from your personalised dashboard on your device or PC
  • Measures light exposure and harvests energy levels for the preservation of your artwork and of power consumption
  • Manufacturer’s maintenance programme and 10-year warranty included
  • Seamless integration with all Crown SmART/Tech products
  • Available with emergency red flashing light capability to warn off anyone who gets too close to artworks as part of our SmART/Tech Security features

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SmART/Tech provides four clear features:

“With SmART/Tech Lighting, we could install the first ever museum-grade system to run completely autonomously – monitoring Lux levels, humidity and temperature all by itself”.


The Roaring Twenties im San-Domenico-Museum, Forlì

Für die bedeutende Ausstellung „Art Deco: The Roaring Twenties in Italy“ im San-Domenico-Museum in Forlì koordinierte Crown Fine Art die gesamte Logistik und den Transport von mehr als 500 Kunstwerken einschließlich der Verpackung und Installation.

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Zur Feier von 400 Jahren Kunstgeschichte mit Murillos riesigem Meisterwerk

Das außergewöhnliche Leinwandgemälde Der heilige Franziskus in der Portiuncula-Kapelle von Bartolomé Esteban Murillo, das um 1665-1666 entstand, ist mit seinen 4,30 m Höhe und 2,95 m Breite das größte Gemälde des Wallraf-Richartz-Museums in Köln.

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