Crown's innovations are developed by specialists and driven by our clients' specific needs. 

The fine art of innovation is about working smarter, not harder. With the increasing demands of a global market, our intelligent solutions are helping our clients focus on the bigger picture. 

For us, it's all about the personal touch. We work alongside our clients to understand their requirements and deliver smart, efficient solutions with SmART Pack & Ship.

More and more galleries, who want to ship low value artworks quickly and safely, are using the SmART choice.

Benefits include:

  • Regional fixed shipping rates
  • Collection to delivery in just 3 days
  • The latest innovation in art packing materials
  • Customs entries and export paperwork taken care of
  • All items tracked and traced
  • Reusable packaging & carbon neutral shipping

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Our innovative solutions have already shipped over 10,000 artworks quickly and safely. Below is some feedback from our customers who have made the SmART choice:


“The packing job was by far and away the best I’ve ever seen, and by far. Your team are doing an exceptional job to be proud of.”
Commercial Gallery Client

"Everything that was shipped arrived in perfect condition. They were hand packed so carefully; please tell all responsible thank you for the nice work!"
based collector

"Thank you and your colleagues for an excellent and efficient service. Crown made an excellent job of wrapping everything securely, and everything arrived in excellent condition."
US-based collector



Выставка картин Генриха Семирадского «Пленники красоты» в Серпухове

Краун Файн Арт Россия изготовила и произвела подбор ящиков, осуществила упаковку и перевозку 34 полотен Семирадского из Государственной Третьяковской галлереи (Москва), Государственного Русского…

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Выставка «Семья – душа России»

Комплексный проект, включающий в себя более 10 услуг, связанных с организацией и проведением выставки.

Выставка "Семья — душа России", посвященная базовым ценностям в жизни каждого человека…

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