Artlines is Crown Fine Art’s very own weekly shuttle service, that spans across some of the major art centres in Europe.


Clients can benefit from door-to-door transport services, which includes fast, efficient and safe transportation. From a single artwork to travelling exhibitions, a contemporary sculpture to an old master painting, art is transported to its destination securely, on time and in perfect condition.

Specialist vehicles

Our specialist vehicles are equipped with air suspension, climate control, track-and-trace monitoring and alarm systems. Each item is handled, transported and delivered by the same team, safely.

They are also equipped to maintain temperature and humidity, even during the most severe conditions, winter or summer.

As part of our commitment to reduce our carbon footprint, we increasingly select vehicles for their environmental performance as well as safety.

Packing Service

Our dedicated packing service also provides off-the-shelf commercial crates to one-off crafted cases, giving clients the opportunity to match the service and budget for each piece of artwork.

For further information about this service and its schedule please contact your local office.

What our clients think

"Delivering exceptional service to our clients is of paramount importance and Crown Fine Art is helping us to achieve this with an innovative approach. It is a forward-thinking company which shares our passion and values – and its network of offices right across EMEA also enables us to benefit from a consistent service, wherever we ship to and from across the world."

Rosalind Patient, Logistics and Fulfilment Director, Christie’s

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Выставка картин Генриха Семирадского «Пленники красоты» в Серпухове

Краун Файн Арт Россия изготовила и произвела подбор ящиков, осуществила упаковку и перевозку 34 полотен Семирадского из Государственной Третьяковской галлереи (Москва), Государственного Русского…

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Выставка «Семья – душа России»

Комплексный проект, включающий в себя более 10 услуг, связанных с организацией и проведением выставки.

Выставка "Семья — душа России", посвященная базовым ценностям в жизни каждого человека…

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