The Crown Fine Art teams in the United Kingdom and China have had the opportunity to work with Historic Environment Scotland (HES), the National Galleries of Scotland and the Nanjing Museum to bring the Romantic Scotland exhibition to China. 

The exhibition, which takes audiences back to the eighteenth century, explores the rich and iconic history of Scotland. Through a variety of objects, paintings, artefacts and photographs, the exhibition aims to strengthen Sino-Scottish relations by highlighting the strong cultural ties between these two great nations.

Crown is proud to have been part of this incredibly insightful and educational exhibition. As a global company that champions diversity and multicultural inclusion, working on a project like this, which aims to build and strengthen relations between countries, is at the heart of what we do. Some highlights from the exhibition include:
  • Bell Rock Lighthouse by Joseph Mallord William Turner (NGS)
  • Portrait of John Murray, 4th Earl of Dunmore by Sir Joshua Reynolds (NGS)
  • 17th Century helmet from Dumbarton Castle (HES)
  • 18th Century Targe of the type traditionally used by Highland clansmen, from Arbroath Abbey (HES)