Standing an impressive 8.5 metres high and weighing nearly three and a half tonnes, ‘Torre’ by Belgian artist Wim Delvoye, presented a complex installation and construction project for Crown Fine Art. 
A cornet steel tower, with ogival windows, tracery and turrets in the international gothic style, the towering sculpture was to be installed in the supremely lofty skyscraper 23 Marina, Dubai.

Despite being one of the tallest residential buildings on the planet, 23 Marina, did not allow for installation with a crane presenting a challenging and complex installation for the monumental work.

The sculpture was shipped from Belgium by Crown Fine Art and arrived for storage in our facilities in Dubai. Shortly after arrival, our teams completed a detailed survey and condition report of the work. Following its display in Paris and at the Venice Biennale, it had arrived without the necessary fasteners to mount it rigidly to its base.

Crown Fine Art produced a plan based on a temporary steel gantry, winches and tackle. To prove the feasibility of the plan, the teams constructed a mock build to establish the angles for a lift using a crane with the open air facilities at our site.

With the benefit of a rehearsal our teams were able to specify the infrastructure and materials required for the final installation. The sculpture was transported on a flatbed truck to the site, craned off and carefully moved through the narrow entrance and marble interior of the building.

Working with winches and the gantry superstructure, the team gently layered the separate sections of the work onto one another, securely bolting each stage to its subordinate. The final touch, to secure the pinnacle was achieved with roped access and our rigger suspended from the gantry. Preparation and planning ensured the team completed the installation on time without any difficulties demonstrating Crown Fine Art’s ability to adapt, innovate and diversify.