Crown Fine Art Hong Kong has been appointed to relocate a life sized sculpture, also known as ‘Fatty sculpture’, created by a contemporary Chinese sculptor Mu Boyan. Mu is best known for his depictions of obese young men suspended in various activities or poses, with the underlying focus of his work in the transforming views of weight gain in China through his humorous and satirical sculptures. Despite their exaggerated surrealism, Mu’s artworks maintain a high degree of realism and technical finish.

The Fatty sculpture was originally produced in 2007 and was showcased and stored at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre (HKCEC) until it was safely relocated by Crown Fine Art to the Hong Kong Television Broadcasts Limited (HKTVB) ten years ago. Our Client was very pleased with Crown’s services, therefore when they needed to move the sculpture to Shaw Studios recently, they immediately approached Crown Fine Art.

The sculpture measures 263 x 144 x 207 cm and required special handling into and out of the premises. Our in-house specialist produced a wooden crate for the sculpture, which was lined to prevent friction damage and sealed to provide protection during the relocation journey.

 Services Crown Fine Art provided include: 
  • De-installation
  • Packing and crating 
  • Local transportation 
  • Un-crating, unpacking and installation 
  • Empty crate disposal 
Our Client really enjoyed working with the professionals of Crown Fine Art. We were very pleased to be able to provide the transportation of this sculpture.