Happy National Apprenticeship Week! 

We caught up with our second year UKI Project Management apprentices Tyriq Spencer, Jack Barton, Chris Huggins and Taleb Hosain to take a look back on their course experiences and what they learnt during their apprenticeship!

What were you doing before working at Crown?

Chris: I was working on the weekends at a local hotel whilst completing my Business Studies qualification at Sixth Form.

Jack: I had just completed my A Levels.

Taleb: I was at Sixth Form and working part time.

Tyriq: I was doing some temp work before I started applying to project management roles and found Crown.

Why did you decide to pursue an apprenticeship at Crown?

Chris: Crown Worldwide stood out to me as it offered a rotational placement apprenticeship that would expose me to a number of different business sectors.

Jack: Experience is more valued nowadays compared to a generalised university degree. I felt like giving myself a head start in the workplace and gaining experience was the best long term plan.

Taleb: I wasn’t a particularly good student so university didn’t feel like the right fit for me. An apprenticeship was the ideal option as I’d be learning while working.

Tyriq: Crown offered a unique opportunity to do a project management role in different areas of the business.

What has been your biggest achievement at Crown?

Chris: It was during my time within the IT department. I was working on a large business acquisition project, migrating Premier Moves over to Crown Workspace. I was given the responsibility and independence to carry out numerous tasks onsite. It grew my confidence, time management and proactiveness.

Jack: Having Fine Art ask me to come back and re-join on a permanent basis prior to the completion of the apprenticeship.

Taleb: Being able to secure a full time role at Crown after my apprenticeship.

Tyriq: My biggest achievement at Crown was being successful in achieving the Level 4 Project Management qualification. In the beginning I didn’t think I would be able to but I persevered. Second would be implementing the sign in system.

How did you find juggling coursework with your placements?

Chris: Unlike many apprenticeships, Crown provided a study day every week. This time was used to revise for exams, coursework and reflect on the knowledge we gained from our tutor. Overall, the support from Crown helped me to manage my coursework and meet all deadlines.

Jack: Thursday study days helped me manage the coursework.

Taleb: I am still improving on my organisation skills but the Thursdays helped!

What advice would you give to future apprentices joining Crown?

Chris: My advice would be to take every opportunity available and network across the company (get on LinkedIn!).

Jack: Take advantage of all opportunities thrown your way. Gain as much experience as you can that will set you apart from university leavers.

Taleb: It’s hard work and you will of course struggle as you settle in but it’s all about improving yourself and if you try, you’ll get something out of it.

Tyriq: If you see an area for improvement at Crown make it known because Crown is very open-minded and they do listen. Self-management is key!

What are your future plans?

Chris: Now that I have finished my apprenticeship, I have accepted an offer to stay at Crown Fine Art as Storage, Stock and Operations Support. I plan to continue learning in this unique sector and apply my project management knowledge.

Jack: My permanent role is now Shipping, Customs and Administration Support and I plan to enjoy my time with Crown Fine Art and see where the journey takes me.

Taleb: At the moment, my focus is on my new role in the Relocations sales team. I would love to follow my dream one day and live in Japan but that will not be for a while!

Tyriq: My plan is to work my way into a project management role and diversify my skills.

If you could describe your experience at Crown in one word, what would it be?

Chris: Progressive.

Jack: I can’t do it in one word but what I will say is I have matured and grown the most personally which I am very grateful for and proud of.

Taleb: Life-altering. I’ll always be grateful to everyone who looked out for me throughout my apprenticeship.

Tyriq: Fulfilling.