Crown Fine Art understands that we have a responsibility to people and the planet, and a role in tackling climate change.  Along with all Crown’s brands in the UK and Ireland, we have committed to a progressive responsible business strategy for 2021 and beyond, and are keen to support all our clients with their own sustainability targets.

As part of this strategy, following extensive work in 2021 to collate data on our carbon footprint across all UK and Ireland brands, we have set an ambitious net-zero target.  We aim to achieve this by 2040 for our Scope 1 and 2 emissions (relative to a 2019 baseline) with interim goals of a 45% reduction by 2025, and 65% reduction by 2030.

Initial steps to reduce our Scope 1 and 2 emissions 

In order to deliver this, we have set up a Carbon Working Group to drive forward measures and to reduce our carbon footprint.  We are focused initially on reducing the carbon emissions of our buildings in three key areas:

  • We have engaged, and will continue to engage, with staff in sites where we identified behaviour change as being key to reducing electricity use.
  • We have removed unnecessary lighting and are investing in technology including LED lighting and solar panels, where appropriate.
  • As current contracts expire, we are switching all sites to renewable energy contracts with leading British renewable energy provider, Good Energy.

Our Fleet Strategy Group is already exploring alternative vehicle technologies and infrastructure, as we look to also make changes to our fleet in the longer term in line with the Government’s Transport Decarbonisation Plan.

Addressing Scope 3 emissions 

Acknowledging the importance of also addressing our Scope 3 emissions, we will continue to collate data on our indirect emissions through our supply chains in 2022. We intend to make an equally robust and ambitious net-zero target for Scope 3 emissions by the end of 2022.

At Crown Fine Art, we are committed to going further than our compliance obligations and having a truly positive social and environmental impact, whilst helping our clients to do the same.  We hope you will take this journey with us.

This commitment is the starting point in our drive to be a more sustainable business and further updates on progress we are making will follow.