2022 UK&I Sustainability Report

Crown is delighted to have launched our first UK & Ireland sustainability report; download the full report now!

Crown is delighted to have launched our first UK & Ireland sustainability report!

In a hugely challenging year for businesses all over the world, we are proud to have expanded our focus, looking not only at financial sustainability but on what makes us a responsible business, taking great strides in improving our environmental and social sustainability. 

Knowing that a responsible business is the right thing for us to be, we have embarked on a journey and we are transforming accordingly. 

Check out what we’ve been doing at Crown Fine Art here:

At Crown Fine Art, we’re proud to have supported Crown Worldwide’s wider UK&I sustainability agenda. We’ve done this through our SmART/Tech innovation, collaboration with industry stakeholders for more sustainable protection and packaging, as well as decarbonising our fleet.

“Sustainability is an increasingly important topic in the fine art industry, spanning all elements of business, from packaging to transportation to shipping. At Crown Fine Art, we are looking carefully at our suppliers as well as the impact our services have on our clients too. Everyone has been really open to working closely with us to get an understanding of how we can support each other’s sustainability goals on the journey to net zero. It’s been great to see the progress so far, as well as across the wider Crown UK&I group in this area.”

David Preston, Regional Director, Crown Fine Art