Our place in the world
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    Operating responsibly sits at the heart of everything we do.

    We care about the diverse people who work with us, we are conscious of our impact on the environment, and we are proud to support the communities in which we work.  

    We understand our place in the world and the role we have in protecting it. 

    Our pledge to the UN Global Compact

    Our pledge to the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC), the world's largest corporate sustainability initiative, means we operate in ways that meet our responsibilities in the areas of human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption.  

    We set operational standards not just for Crown, but for suppliers and sometimes clients. The UNGC provides a clear framework for us to transparently report and enables us to continually benchmark our efforts.  

    We understand our place in the world, and the responsibilities we have to the environment and society. 

    Sustainability in UK&I

    The UK & Ireland are pioneering sustainability at Crown with a proactive and strategic approach to embedding more responsible business practices. Find out more about how we operate our business and innovate with our services.

    Our annual CSR report

    Our 2021 Corporate Social Responsibility report charts how we are progressing in our journey to becoming a better corporate citizen. 

    It highlights the progress made towards our 2021 commitments of diversity, equity and inclusion, wellbeing, environmental sustainability and learning & development. 

    It also outlines our 2022 commitments, to accelerating sustainability, to developing a learning organization mindset, to building diverse and inclusive teams and to sustaining a safe and well working environment. 
    Download CSR Report

    Our world

    Our brands are varied and have differing impacts on our planet. From using recycled packaging to  investing in LED lighting to installing solar panels, they are using innovative ways of lessening our overall impact on the planet.  

    Our journey to net zero

    2021 saw some big changes, especially across our brands in the UK and Ireland as they took the lead in our journey to net zero. 

    Around the rest of the Crown world, businesses are involved in local initiatives and our people are making their own contributions to help protect the planet.  

    Our people

    Our responsibility is also to our people. Engaging, developing and investing in our employees is key to their success and to the success of the company. This means dedicating time to their growth, health and well-being. We provide the tools for our teams to learn, share and collaborate with others from different cultures around the world, who at the same time share the same values.  

    Diversity, equity and inclusion

    Our team is diverse, with each employee contributing their own unique experience to ensure we are making it simpler to live, work and do business anywhere in the world. 

    Our team encompasses 83 different nationalities and speaks 53 different languages. 

    We celebrate diversity, promote equity and aim to build an inclusive environment where our people can be themselves at work every day. In our annual employee engagement survey, 85 per cent of our people said that Crown employs people from diverse backgrounds, giving equal opportunities to all, while 88 per cent of people say they can be themselves at work. 

    Read more about Crown’s DE&I initiatives in our 2021 CSR report

    Our communities

    Our people are committed to giving back to their communities. From donating to foodbanks and the homeless, to raising money for flood victims, from baking cakes and holding quizzes to raising money for charity, from clearing vegetation to cleaning stables, we work hard to give back to the communities in which Crown operates.   

    Read more in our 2021 CSR report