April 29th, 2024

Written By Stuart Brown 

Stuart is Crown's Project and Commercial Director for the UK, based in London. 

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High-quality packaging is a non-negotiable within art logistics. 

At Crown Fine Art, we acknowledge the need for safe and secure packaging for all artworks. Our years of expertise and experience mean we know the potential risks involved and how to handle the most delicate pieces. 

Yet, we also understand we have a responsibility to reduce the environmental impacts that come with the demands of the industry. 

With this in mind, we're delighted to introducing SmART/Sustain, Crown Fine Art’s new sustainability offering. 

The Gallery Climate Coalition (GCC) reports that packaging materials are primarily plastics derived from fossil fuels and discarded after use – this includes single-use plastics, bubble wrap, and – possibly the cause for most concern – non-recyclable foam. 

The problem Crown Fine Art has identified within the fine art logistics industry is the huge amount of wastage – we want to do something about that. We want to make it simpler for clients to be more sustainable.

To limit environmental impacts, it is vital to act responsibly. Therefore, sourcing the right materials and looking at their potential afterlife is key. Our new service aims to keep materials in use and give art packaging materials a second life, all while continuing to offer clients a wide range of bespoke packaging solutions. 

From our simple, easy-to-use online store, clients now have the option to select and reserve recycled packaging options suitable to their needs. This includes rental travel frames, 2D and 3D cases, and plinths. A member of the Crown Fine Art will then discuss requirements in further detail to make sure the case is reconfigured appropriately for the artwork. This means quality, safety, and security are not compromised. 

SmART/Sustain not only looks to fix one of the industry’s largest problems but also presents itself as a cost-effective solution - these recycled crates being less expensive than freshly configured ones. 
This drive for sustainability aligns itself with Crown Worldwide’s overarching journey towards net zero. You can read more about our efforts to reduce environmental impact in the latest version of our Sustainability Report.

Each recycled packaging solution is individually checked to guarantee the high quality you expect from Crown Fine Art, meaning you can ship your pieces with peace of mind without it costing you or the environment a fortune. 

A Crown Fine Art Technician will inspect every case that comes in ready for our shop. If it’s not fit for purpose, we’ll find another sustainable way of disposing of it. If they are good for a second life, we’ll make that so – we’ll clean them up, remove any identification labels, and strip out the inside foam if it’s damaged. 

Reusing these materials in turn reduces their demand and diverts these materials from landfill. As the GCC notes, reducing materials is the best step towards sustainable packaging in the art logistics world. 

Help us reduce wastage in the fine art logistics industry. Order your sustainable art packaging solution today! 

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