Art installation for a luxury 5 Star hotel in Hong Kong

Crown Fine Art is pleased to be appointed by the client to install over 170 pieces of artwork at their luxury 5 Star hotel in early 2021.
Located at one of the top floors of the hotel was a newly furbished exclusive facility. The deluxe and comfortable private space offered unique view over the heart of the city, while serving delightful meals to the Hotel's privileged guests. To accomplish the tranquil ambience of the dining area channelled by natural light, our client has chosen some Oriental and contemporary artworks to complement the Eastern design of the Hotel. A stronger colour accent was featured at the lounge space projecting a western heritage, finely decorated by a mix of vintage portraits, scenery, still-life and Japanese paintings.

Following a comprehensive and careful assessment of the site, the Crown Fine Art team professionally unpacked and installed the artworks at the client's private facility as well as a few artworks on various Hotel floors. Crown handled every piece of artwork in great care and installed the art in place with precision. The client is deeply impressed by the state-of-art gallery display arrangement.