About us

Crown Fine Art is part of the Crown Worldwide Group

Our long-term vision is to continue to increase the Crown-owned network for international fine art logistics.

By reducing reliance on supplier handovers and increasing the options on shipping, we can provide a service that is more efficient in planning and more consistent in execution.

Working within the Crown network, communication and operations are more streamlined as everyone is familiar with common working practices and shared values. Similarly, there is greater accountability in one organisation where everyone is working toward the same goal.

A service provided by specialists

Although it is a very distinct division of the group, there are common qualities which can be expected of all Crown’s people and throughout its operations.

At the heart of our company are specialists with the right attitude as well as the necessary skills.

Everyone involved from planning to packing, handling and transportation is totally dedicated to the fine art business and to the safety of the art that is in their care. That is as true of our people as it is of our carefully selected partners.

Our investment in people, in their experience and in their development ensures that you receieve a continuity of service wherever Crown Fine Art is involved.