“Gio Pomodoro Panta Rei” portrays unique exhibition of masterpieces

Crown Fine Art accepted the great challenge of placing itself at the centre of this great exhibition.
The “Gio Pomodoro Panta Rei” exhibition was set in the noble spaces of the ‘Palazzo Ducale’ in Urbino, Italy, home to the National Gallery of the Marche. The exhibition, by the artist Montefeltro, comes to life through the curator Marisa Zattini Bruto Pomodoro, son of Italian sculptor Gio. The exhibition was open from 19th April to 2nd September 2018.

The exhibition extends into the courtyard, basements and staircases, creating a profound dialogue between Renaissance structures and contemporary sculptures. The tribute to Gio Pomodoro has taken place sixteen years after his death and the title of the exhibition, "Panta Rei", in the words of the curator, reflects on the impermanence of things and their eternal becoming.

The works on display include 26 impressive sculptures in bronze, marble, glass fibre and polyester of different shapes and sizes, made from the late 1950s to 2001.

Crown Fine Art accepted the great challenge of placing itself at the centre of this great exhibition. This involved working closely with the Galleria Nazionale delle Marche, the curator, the lenders, the architects, the publishing house and all the professional figures who collaborated in the creation of the catalogue.

Crown carried out the transport and installation of the works in the exhibition spaces, supported by the production of the exhibition project and the catalogue. After careful inspection, the packaging was designed and built to ensure safe transport. Subsequently, we agreed on a timetable for collection and installation at the exhibition, which was designed to satisfy the requests of the museum and the lenders.

The project presented several difficulties related to the complex articulation of work. The most  significant factor of complexity was the analysis and planning of transport and preparation activities. The size and weight of the works made it necessary to carefully and meticulously study the exhibition space, and what routes would need to be taken. We used the crane to place the heaviest works on the first floor and the gantry crane – a structure used to straddle an object or workspace – to place them on the bases of the sculptures.

Crown Fine Art successfully completed the exhibition set-up, participating in the opening to the general public of this important and unique exhibition of masterpieces at the Palazzo Ducale in Urbino.

The solution proposed by Crown Fine Art exceeded all expectations, contributing to the success of this major exhibition in the Palazzo Ducale in Urbino. The positive outcome was guaranteed by the ability to coordinate and assemble harmoniously, enhancing our strengths and turning weaknesses into opportunities. A close-knit and motivated team, a helpful and collaborative client, great professionalism and a shared passion. These are our keys to success!