Trusting partners - Why Andipa Gallery chooses Crown Fine Art


Trusting partners - Why Andipa Gallery chooses Crown Fine Art


Aug 1st, 2023

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Specialist gallery and dealer for classic art and contemporary masters based in London

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Knightbridge-based gallery Andipa has, since 1967, assisted generations of clients across the globe to acquire the very best in contemporary art from their collection, which spans over 2,000 years. We speak with Director Acoris Andipa about the importance of relationships and why Andipa recommends Crown Fine Art.


A long-standing Art Gallery

Founded in 1967 by the late Maria Andipa, Andipa Gallery is known for its excellence in service, knowledge and wealth of artworks. Collectors, curators and advisors work with private individuals, institutions and funds to acquire the best in contemporary art. Whether it is original Banksy paintings, rare and important ancient artefacts or iconic Andy Warhol screenprints, Andipa understands, much like ourselves, that each client is unique in their requirements. Director Acoris Andipa explains further:

“In the dynamic and competitive world of fine art, establishing and nurturing client and supplier relationships is of paramount importance for the success and longevity of any gallery. While showcasing exceptional artwork is undoubtedly crucial, developing and maintaining solid connections truly sets an outstanding gallery apart from its good counterparts. These relationships go beyond a mere buyer-seller transaction and play a pivotal role in shaping reputation, growth, and continued success- and I have no doubt this is mirrored in Crown’s approach to fostering relationships too.

Crown Fine Art & Andipa Gallery   

Undoubtedly, developing long-standing relationships contribute significantly to establishing trust and loyalty - both with our clients and suppliers. In the art world, where tastes and preferences can be highly subjective, much like the myriad of requests you must have to deal with, clients rely on the expertise and guidance of 
professionals. By building a deep rapport and understanding with clients, new and old, we gain their trust and become their go-to gallery. This isn’t limited to when they wish to purchase or sell artwork - we happily advise on other works even if they are not coming through our gallery. In the rarefied world led by the financial figures we deal in, having a solid reputation gets passed between collectors and the circles they move in, so being trusted is even more critical. For example, we were the first secondary market gallery to curate dedicated Banksy exhibitions. Whether a client is looking to buy a Banksy print or another artwork, the reputation that we have worked hard to establish continues to resonate with collectors, new and old.

We see Crown Fine Art as an extension of our brand, and using a reliable and trustworthy art logistics company is of utmost importance. We believe that our continued success, much like Crown’s, over the last six decades is due to choosing companies that share our approach and values. We are selective over who we use for logistics, and Crown always makes ourselves and our clients feel genuinely valued and connected t- they add value to a part of the process of acquiring art than can be easily overlooked or not thought about,”

On behalf of Crown Fine Art, we thank Acronis Andipa for his kind words and time. For more information on Andipa, visit